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Find Your Kindred 

Answer these 7 questions and see which Goddess is most suited to your  personality. Then learn more about her, and see what related items are available.

For the curious, here is how our quiz works:
     Each Goddess is assigned 3  traits ranked by importance. For example; Kuan Yin's traits are Compassion (3 points), Wisdom (2 points) and Guardianship (1 point).  Each response gives points to all the goddesses who embody those traits. For example; in question 1,  choosing  Abraham Lincoln,  renown for wisdom and justice, gives 2 points to Bridget for wisdom, 2 points to Demeter for justice, 2 points to Hecate for wisdom, Innana gets 2 points for wisdom and 1 for justice, etc. The computer keeps track of which goddess gets the most points and pairs you with that goddess.
     It is, of course, very subjective and your answer may change daily. It's not rocket science, but it is fun. So don't think too hard about your answers,  go with your first instinct and enjoy!