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Quest of the Faes

 Chrysalis could not shoot sparks like Arron... she couldn't even make herself invisible.  All she could do was open flowers with her hands.  Why had the wise men of the Faes decided she was destined to face the terrible dragon Gorgatha?

Author's Statement:
When we're young, life seems simple, decisions  black and white and the world,  full of adventure.   I wrote "Quest of the Faes" when I was 18 years old,  and had just discovered "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Dark Crystal".

The story grew out of a young woman's sense of wonder and imagination.  It appeals to any child stirred by adventure and the magic of fantasy.  I  admit, I enjoy going back to it now and then to revisit a simpler time and a clearer point of view.

QF1  "Quest of the Faes"  
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Written and Illustrated  by Catherine Geenen,  
Published by PealWin Publishing Co.
140 Pages,  ISBN  09606240-6-6
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